The Royal Irish Academy

presented by Jane Conroy
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As Jane Conroy was invited for the European Academies meeting in October 2007, she presented the Royal Irish Academy. She is at at the head of Humanities and Social Sciences Committee.

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Jane Conroy is member of the Royal Irish Academy, and as such, invited at the Institut de France in Paris for an important meeting of European Academies in October 2007.

Just like the French Institut de France, the Royal Irish Academy comprises academies for the sciences and humanities. Jane Conroy is at at the head of Humanities and Social Sciences Committee.

Jane Conroy explains how she believes in a European "Respublica literaria", and promotes exchanges between European students and Academies.

About the Royal Irish Academy

Its Mission Statement :
«The Royal Irish Academy, the academy for the sciences and humanities for the whole of Ireland will vigorously promote excellence in scholarship, recognise achievements in learning, direct research programmes and undertake its own research projects, particularly in areas relating to Ireland and its heritage.
It will reflect upon, advise on and contribute to public debate and public policy formation on issues of major interest in science, technology and culture.
It will continue to offer an independent forum to Irish scholars, it will provide a network of support for scholarly disciplines through its network of committees and commissions, it will maintain and enhance its unique library, it will publish scholarly papers and it will represent the world of Irish learning internationally.

About Professor Jane Conroy
Jane Conroy is [Senior Lecturer in French in NUI, Galway.->
] A native of South Connemara, she studied French and English in NUI, Galway, where she did her MA, following this with a doctorate in French literature in Paris-IV (Sorbonne). Her teaching and research interests at present include 17th-century culture and mentalities, intercultural contacts, travel literature, media and culture, and sociolinguistics. She is Humanities Secretary of the Royal Irish Academy and recent publications include editing Cross-Cultural Travel. Papers from the RIA Modern Languages Symposium 2002 (2003). She held a Government of Ireland Senior Research Fellowship in 2001-02, and won PRTLI funding in 2001-05 as joint director of a team on travel literature. In 2005 she was awarded the Grand Prix de la Francophonie by the Académie française for published work in French. At present she is preparing an edition of the manuscript travel diaries of Charles-Etienne Coquebert de Montbret during his period as consul in Ireland (1789-92), sponsored by the Irish Manuscripts Commission.

An interview of Jane Conroy has been made in French, especially on her works, rewarded by the Académie française in 2005 : Jane Conroy : Grand prix de la Francophonie 2005

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